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Rare disease patients require more resources to ensure quality and continuity of care, including rare disease clinical expertise, handling complex delivery needs, and a "high-touch" patient experience. This whitepaper covers the complexities of working with rare disease patients and how rare disease specialty pharmacies can play a proactive role in providing seamless coordination.

Download the whitepaper to learn what payors should consider when evaluating a specialty pharmacy partner for rare diseases, including:

  • Trends in Rare Diseases
  • Rare Diseases are Difficult to Diagnose
  • Traditional vs. Rare Specialty Pharmacy Distribution
  • Network Development for Limited Distribution of Rare Disease Drugs
  • Payor Credentialing
  • Payor Operational Challenges with Rare Disease Limited Distribution Drugs
  • Optimizing Patient Care Services with Rare Disease Limited Distribution Drugs

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Download the Whitepaper